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Why I Cancelled My Subscription Boxes


2012 was my year of compulsive shopping.,, Groupon & LivingSocial became part of my daily sites to visit.. and each day, I didn’t leave one of those sites until I bought something. Then, I found out about subscription boxes. CurlBox was the first box I subscribed in the early Spring. From there, I begin looking for more boxes to subscribe to because.. well, I’m a girl.. And all girls love spending money.. and all girls love getting packages.. especially, surprise packages.

But then in November, I had a revelation of some kind.. And immediately cancelled all my subscription boxes, and stopped visiting my beloved sites daily. What would cause me to do such a thing you ask? Well, let me explain my reasons:

+ 9 times out of 10 I really didn’t care about the products. I had thought that because I was a blogger, I should subscribe to these boxes so that I could review the content for the blog. Sounded like a good idea. Then I realized immediately after opening the boxes, I really didn’t care for any of the products. At least not enough to try, and then write a review on. I was more into the subscription boxes for the suspense and thrill of wondering what I would get each month. Once I saw the products, it would usually go right back into the box & go into the Stash Closet.. which brings me to point #2..

+ I have a Stash Closet. I literally have a closet dedicated to subscription boxes. Whenever a box got opened, materials were read and I got a nice look at the products I’d close the box immediately, throw the box in the closet. Hence why there’s never been a single subscription box review.. because with the exception of a product or two, I NEVER use all 5-7 products in any of the boxes. I’m usually lucky if I use one.

+ I was tired of having conversations with the boyfriend that went something like this:

Me: (excitedly opening a subscription box)

Boyfriend: Got another box this month I see? Anything good? (watches as I pull out products before picking some up) Wait, you already have this in the bathroom… (picks up another) .. And this one as well.

Me: (high of opening the box clearly blown) Yea, well.. Maybe next month will be better. (takes products from him, places everything back in the box & throws box in Stash Closet)

+ $10-20 a month, starts to add up. The biggest reason for my cancellation of my subscription boxes occurred in early November when I paid my first student loan repayment to that bitch Sallie Mae. That’s when it dawned on me that spending anywhere from $30-80 a month on things that were unbeknownst to me was absolutely absurd. There was one month I got 2 CurlBoxes, 2 Birchboxes, and a BarkBox.. Approximately $110 gone to a bunch of products me, my boyfriend and my dog don’t use. That’s when I realized enough was enough. I needed to take a chill pill.

+ I have my staples I use and will stick to them.When I find something I like, I buy at least two of it–whether it be jeans or hair products. Now that I’ve been natural for almost two years, I’ve found things that work really well for my hair & will not stray from it. I’m not really that big on experimenting with new things that I personally don’t find myself. It only took me filling up a whole closet full of boxes to realize this.

So for 2013, I vowed to myself no more subscription boxes. I ended up emptying my Closet Stash and handing all unused products to my two sisters and aunt, whom all are natural. So I felt a little better knowing that people at least benefited from my subscription box addiction. That $30+ a month will go to date nights & experiences. Although I’m curbing my shopping for products, I’m still for a great restaurant deal on Groupon.. I’m just sayin’.

Will you continue with your subscription boxes in 2013?

  1. afroniquely | shae says: January 2, 201312:39 PM

    So which services were you subbed to other than the curlbox? Or was that the only one?

    • L. says: January 2, 201312:42 PM

      I was subscribed to CurlBox, BirchBox (Women, Men & the limited edition Home box & BarkBox.

  2. Mylah Saidah says: January 2, 20131:01 PM

    I cancelled my CurlBox a while ago. It definitely does add up! I’m looking for ways to save money and that was one of them. I’m going to cancel Just Fab too!

    • L. says: January 2, 20131:11 PM

      Yea, before I ended up spending anywhere from $240+ annually, I figured let me start saving asap. All those boxes had to go!

  3. Britton says: January 2, 20131:39 PM

    I was thinking about the subscription boxes, then I realized, I’m already product junkie and I don’t need anymore CLUTTER!

    • L. says: January 2, 20133:54 PM

      Yessss. I can’t stand clutter, so once I peeped.. I had to do something about it asap.

  4. Elle says: January 2, 20133:51 PM

    I’ve never subscribed to any of these services and at first when all these subscription services became available I thought just like you did ‘I’m a blogger perhaps I should subscribe to review’ but then I figured that it wasn’t worth it at all. I have friends that have given me products that they didn’t/don’t use any more and that’s how I ‘try’ different things if I just absolutely must. Like you, I have my staple products and don’t need or want to try anything else.

    Perhaps you should have a ‘PartyOverHair Product Party/Sale’ ;)

    • L. says: January 2, 20133:53 PM

      That’s not a bad idea.. only I gave mostly all the hair products I didn’t use to the family. They live all the way Upstate so it’s hard for them to get their hands on certain brands — so I feel I ‘paid it forward’ w. the hair products lol.

      • Elle says: January 2, 20134:28 PM

        that’s was definitely a ‘pay it forward’ moment lol

  5. imperfctconcept says: January 2, 201310:25 PM

    Great read. I have never subscribed to any books nor have I bought from a deal site in forever. I guess the wow factor wore off on me. I have been pretty wise on how I spend money. The boxes are great ideas but people become hoarders and not realizing it.

    • L. says: January 10, 20133:36 PM


      Yes, the wow factor of subscription boxes as worn off on me. I still find myself on Groupon & LivingSocial weekly as I try to find deals on certain products I need, ie. a juicer.

  6. bastylefilegirl says: January 9, 201311:33 AM

    Boy do I know where you are coming from as a blogger, girl, and “stuff wanter” LOL.

    I actually ended up getting a Curlbox and a CurlKit , was one of the First Subscribers to Birchbox and also got a Julep box. I stopped Birchbox after about months those products werent for me, they didn’t either match my skin tone or something was just seriously wrong with it. I have my own nail polish line so Julep ended up taking to much space. Then I big chopped and got Curlbox then CurlKit at this point I don’t have enough hair to “need” two boxes and since I’ve been working with my hair I’ve noticed it doesn’t really like “stylers” so I’m definitely cancelling CurlKit. As for as the LIvingSocials/Groupons I think those sites are very useful I don’t stalk them every day, I just typically only get deals on workouts and mani/pedis I limited my use of them.

    • L. says: January 10, 20133:34 PM

      You have your own nail polish line? Oh, please share! But yea, BirchBox products were always the worse in my opinion. I would always get the most awkward hues of like eye liners & lipsticks to try.. so yea they had to go.

      Although I enjoyed CurlBox, I was starting to see the products were something I could get from my local Walgreen’s.. so that kind of persuaded me to just cancel, on top of me not using any of the products when they came. Smh!

      • bastylefilegirl says: January 15, 201310:12 AM

        Hey chica sorry it took me so long getting back to you. My nailpolish line is called Lacquery

  7. Arsha says: January 16, 20138:36 PM

    i’ll agree. I started with birchbox, then moved to curlbox. then stopped them both. The birchbox was a novelty that started it all. I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Then curlbox. Each month I would get these products that were NOT for me. Then I realized that, although the price point of the box is great, I just RARELY used the products and still found myself venturing to the beauty supply store to walk the aisles. Honestly I find products that I like all the time, by myself. I don’t need a subscription service for that. Although I did love the care and detail put into the curlboxes and I love to support black businesses.

    • L. says: January 17, 20132:06 PM

      Yes I’m with you. I love supporting black owned businesses — but with today’s economy I have to be very wise on how I spend my money. I will continue to support CurlBox & CurlKit without having to be a member.

  8. Heather Williams says: November 5, 201312:14 PM

    Hahahaha…I love this Laura! However, I am working a mothly box subscription geared towards moms who enjoy staying fit and healthy. Stay tuned! I’ll be needing your expertise!!

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