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Tis The Season For Havana Twist

The last time you stopped by the Party, I was convinced that I was going to dedicate a Saturday to attempting my own Marley Twists. As days when by & I really had time to reflect on the idea of me trying to do anything to my own hair.. I realized I was not about that life. My hair skills go as far as a two strand twist & that’s that.. I can’t even cornrow properly. Sad, I know.

The one thing I have to say I’m excellent at is.. well, paying people to do something I can’t do. So that’s what I did. Yesterday, I headed over to Afrigenix & got my first Protective Style for the Winter: Havana Twists.

I posted a quick picture & got a few questions regarding the style, so let me just take a second to answer some of the FAQs I got:

+ Did you do the twist yourself? Nope. Got them done by Wogee (I’m pretty sure I murdered the spelling of her name but she pronounced it like.. Well, Woo-gee) at Afrigenix Salon located at 212 W 79th Street, Suite 1D in the Upper West Side of NYC.

+ How much did you pay? I paid a total of $146.15, not including tip. The cost of the twist is $88, the remaining price is for the hair.

+ What type of hair did you use & how many packs? The hair Afrigenix uses is called FingerComber. That’s about as much as I can give you as the hair was just laying around the salon out of its original package. As far as packs, I have no idea — but I would guesstimate a good 2-3 packs. If I’m ever around you, feel free to ask for a feel if you need to get a feel of the texture.

+ How long did it take? It was fast. I’d say an hour & a half.

+ How did you prepare your hair for the visit? I washed my hair last week so I skipped out on doing so this week. All I did the night before was give myself an oil massage with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & two strand twisted my hair. I went to the salon with a day four twist out. Didn’t even bother detangling.

+   What was the process like? When I got there she just quickly combed through with a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out. Now me personally, I’ve never been tender headed so you can literally pull my hair & I’m good. My back of my hair did put up a little fight, nothing major. So if you’re not fond of others combing through your mane, detangle yourself. She used some of the Afrigenix products on my hair — a cream when she was detangling & an oil on my scalp when she was done. I need to go back just to purchase the products because I’m in love with the smell. I am a fan of how they do their Havana Twist. They braid your hair & hide it within the kinky hair then twist the whole thing, so my hair is not exposed at all.. which is perfect. The only thing I wasn’t fond of was the gel she used at the end on my edges — washed it off immediately once I got home

+ So how will you be keeping this style in? I’m aiming for three months. I am the type of person that can keep a style in for a long period of time. I plan to go to Afrigenix monthly for them to wash & touch up the perimeter of the Havana Twist for $35 an hour. Mind you it barely took two hours for a full installation..

+ How do you sleep with them? Wrap a scarf on the top of my head & let the ends hang loose. I will go more in depth with this topic as I figure out better ways of achieving a nightly routine.

+ Would you recommend Afrigenix? Definitely. As soon as I walked in for my appointment, W. (I don’t want to keep misspelling this wonderful lady’s name) was ready & we got started right away. I like the intimate feeling of the salon — it was only 3 of us ladies getting our hair done. Not to mention you are literally in and out. If you want to splurge a little and dash out $146.15, not including tip.. then to to Afrigenix.

I’ll be throwing together a regimen soon for my twist & will be sharing in the future. I plan to have a mini shoot maybe this weekend for some better quality pictures of the Twists & maybe even do a video! We shall see.

Will you be doing a Protective Style this Winter?

  1. afroniquely | shae says: December 7, 201212:21 PM

    Hey Laura! Looking good, I love Havana Twists!! They are so beautiful! Btw, the brand of hair they (Afrigenix) uses is Fingercomber, they even say it on their FB page lol. And I hope it was only 2-3 packs, that hair is kinda expensive but sounds like it’s worth the price points. I was looking at their fingercomber unit, seemed nice.

    After my love affair with my newly made wig passes, I’ll be trying out some havana twists myself. :)

    • PartyOverHair says: December 7, 201212:54 PM

      Thank you! I’ll update that info now!

  2. Rosetti says: December 7, 20121:06 PM

    Aww they’re pretty! I wish I was still in NY to get my hair done again, so I may just attempt the Marley twists myself.

    • L. says: December 7, 20123:26 PM

      Definitely give it a go! I think once I take these out I may want to give those a try to. If you do them though, let me know how they turned out!

  3. Fifi Buchanan says: December 12, 201211:48 AM

    Looks really natural and cute! <3

    • Carla Buckner says: December 19, 201212:37 PM

      I agree. I really didn’t know it wasn’t your hair until I finished reading the entry. And you’re like me, I don’t paying someone to do what I can’t… and what I can’t do, is wash, blow dry, AND straighten my hair.

      • L. says: January 1, 20133:38 PM

        Exactly! Plus it’s well worth it.. Love the FingerComber hair used.

    • L. says: January 1, 20133:37 PM

      Thank you! :)

  4. SixTwentySeven says: March 29, 20141:19 PM

    Great review. I’m not in the NYC area, but this is probably the best salon/shop review I’ve seen. I bought some Marley hair the other night and attempted to practice doing a twist myself… just to see if it was truly as easy as everyone made it seem. It only took about 5 mins before I started laughing out loud and said “fuck this shit” lol… I am currently sitting in the waiting area of my local african braid shop to have them tackle this lol. I can rock twist outs, blow out my own hair, etc… but when it comes to cuts, weaves, and braids/twists, I’ll leave it to the pros. No need to look crazy or stress myself out trying to play in a lane that is not my own. Thanks for the review! They look very nice.

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