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The Almighty Sweet Potato

For me.. sweet potatoes > potatoes.

I love them so much I try to incorporate them into my diet at least twice a week. Aside from them tasting absolutely amazing, they tend to be very healthy for you. I tend to try to eat more of them during the Winter months as they are a great source of vitamin C, as well as vitamin D which is critical for the immune system and overall health around this time of year. They also contain iron and have a good source of magnesium which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral.. in case you didn’t know.

I’ve been looking to try new recipes with sweet potatos, so I figured I share some of my favorites I’m dying to try. For those of you that are keeping up with Fran’s January Super-Food Challenges, although Week 1 passed.. you can still try to incorporate these into your diet this month.. well, the healthier options, at least.

I will, however, be pinning more recipes that gear towards the ingredients for the January Super Food Challenge on Pinterest, so do follow if you aren’t.

Sweet Potato Recipes

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