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Natural 101: The LOC Method


Yesterday I raised the question about concerns us ladies have with dealing with our natural hair in the Winter. It seemed like all the ladies had the same problem.. maintaining moisture. So today I wanted to go over a method I use to help keep my hair moisturized for days that some naturals may not be aware of.. and that my friends would be the L.O.C Method.

LOC Method? What is that?

Simply put the LOC Method is an acronym that describes the three steps: Liquid, Oil and Cream. By using the LOC Method you’re bound to retain moisture as you are sealing in the moisture in every step.

There’s only three steps? How does it work?

+ You first use a liquid on your hair. By liquid, it can be water.. or a water-based leave-in to moisturize your hair. Your choice. I personally just go with water. You can’t go wrong with water. Ever.

+ Then you seal the liquid with an oil whatever your favorite may be. Me personally, I love coconut oil.

+ And finally, you seal the oil with a butter or cream and style. I either use Shea Moisture Enhancing Curling Smoothie or DIY Haircare’s Mango Apricot Butter.

Now those with thin or fine hair may find this method weighs down your hair. Like with anything pertaining to hair, it’s all trial and error. Find what works for you. I would highly recommend this method to ladies who are still battling moisture issues this Winter.

Have you tried the LOC Method? Do you find it to be effective? What products do you use?

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  1. Britton says: February 7, 20133:18 PM

    I’m in protective styling now, but once I BC in a couple of weeks, I will be using this method. I do this to my daughter’s hair daily and it really does help by keeping it moisturized. I use water (L), cocunut (oil), and Shea Moisture’s Curl enhancing Smootie (C), just like you for her. I started using Argan oil and I like that for her hair as well.

    • L. says: February 7, 20133:22 PM

      I love Argan Oil. I actually need to re-up. But when I did use Argan Oil, I would mix a small amount in with the Coconut Oil & it did wonders! I would love to see how your daughter’s hair turns out using the LOC Method!

  2. Stepha LaFond says: February 12, 201312:23 AM

    Interesting. This sounds very similar to what I currently do on some wash day. I will start doing it more regularly to see what result I get. My hair has been desert dry this last few weeks. Thanks for sharing :)

    • L. says: February 12, 20137:44 AM

      Yes, the LOC Method is a must for wash days. But I also use the LOC Method on regular days when my hair is in need of moisture. Please let me know how this works out for you!

  3. Kaylin Anderson says: March 15, 20136:44 PM

    this sounds col. m going to have to try this.

    • L. says: March 27, 20137:37 AM

      Definitely is! Please let me know how it goes!

  4. Jorgelina Vega says: March 25, 201312:33 PM

    I need to give this method a go. Never sealed with oil before, I usually add EVOO to my conditioner and don’t fully rinse it out. Works for me, but now that I’m in the English weather my hair seems to dry out faster than when I was in Buenos Aires.

    • L. says: March 27, 20137:36 AM

      I definitely recommend sealing with oil as that’s going to help your hair retain moisture wayyyyy longer! Please let me know how it works out!

  5. chestina staton says: April 25, 20137:09 PM

    Can you mix all of these together in a spray bottle and perform it like that!? I live in a dry state ( Colorado) and my daughters hair is so brittle and it doesn’t grow no matter what I have tried and then I’m natural and my hair is just dry and same thing won’t grow how I want it to. So could I mix it all?

    • L. says: April 25, 201311:13 PM

      You can definitely put all three ingredients in a spray bottle and use it during the week to make sure you retain moisture. But I’d definitely recommend applying each ingredient on a freshly washed head to make sure you retain moisture before your hair even dries.

  6. Eat.Style.Play says: May 22, 20133:45 PM

    I haven’t but I will try now, because my scalp soaks up everything, fast and this heat doesn’t help one bit once the summer comes. But this was the most Non-complicated instruction on how to do it. Or maybe I just wasn’t here for it when others wrote an entire novel when trying to explain this.

    • L. says: May 22, 20133:59 PM

      It sounds like our scalps should be best friends since they’re soooooo much alike. And yes, the heat only makes it worse. Ever since I’ve started moisturizing using the LOC Method I notice I maintain moisture wayyyyy longer than I used to. Andd girll, I personally don’t like reading novels on blogs so I try to make tips & tricks in list form and as short as possible so ya’ll can get the info & keep it moving. Lol But let me know how this works out for you!

  7. Jade's 4th member says: June 15, 20137:05 PM

    Can I detangle after I do this? It seems that no matter when/how much I detangle, I always end up with strands that are matted together or that end up in knots, so I’m detangling throughout every step. I just want to make sure I won’t be damaging my hair by detangling during this step.

  8. charlotte.quevedo says: June 18, 20138:20 PM

    I just wanted to say this for ppl who think this method weighs your hair down….I have fine, multi-texture hair and I say that because I have looser curls with some areas that are straight and wavy while other areas are a bit tighter in curl pattern. My hair has an unrelenting dryness to it that would not respond to any other method. It is low porosity and I have tried warming stuff up, opening my cuticles, etc. Until I did this my hair suffered breakage. What I do is separate my curls or elevate my hair a bit to promote fullness. My hair is long so although without products it is huge no matter what, when I put anything on it, it starts to get heavy. Another thing is that I do not use a butter as my third layer. I do liquid (like water/aloe Vera), plus a light oil like grapeseed oil, plus a light moisturizer like Giovanni or Shea Moisture Curl and Styling Milk. Then if I still start to get greasy that is when I separate my curls. Although my hair overall is fairly resistant to moisture loss, it seems as though if I do not do the loc method at least once a day I get frizz and potential breakage. So I think it’s those hairs that suffered the breakage that I had to cut that are more vulnerable to breaking again. If you want, I have been talking about the loc method in my latest videos and

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