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2013 #POHGiftGuide: Elle of

2013 Gift Guide ft. Elle of | Party Over Hair

Is it me or does this week seem to be speeding by? It’s already Hump Day! Tonight in New York City, their lighting the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center from 7-9PM. I never attend, but I may go out there later & snap a few pictures–something to get me into the Holiday spirit. My two favorite times in New York City: Summer and the Christmas Holiday. It’s absolutely wonderful. If you haven’t visited New York City during Christmas time, I encourage you to do so. Come here and shop until you drop!

Speaking of shop until you drop.. I’m bringing you ladies another fab Gift Guide. Today, I’m featuring the fabulous beauty & lifestyle blogger, Elle of I find myself always gawking at her recipes (I’ve got Blood Orange Spicy Wings at the top of my list to try) and adore her sense of style. Elle shares some of the things on her Holiday Wish List and can I just say.. yaaass to Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love this girl.

To Gift

SD Marie Jewelry Initial Necklaces, Price Varies – I’d love to give these to my friends. It’s a fun take on intials and I love dainty necklaces.

Qhemet Biologics Hair Products, Prices Vary – I have a lot of friends with natural hair, and I’m in love with everything from this store. I’d totally gift them my favorite products to see how they like it.

Carnal Dish Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, Currently Sold Out – Reesha has an online bakery and her cookies are so addictive, I think all of my friends need to experience this womans cooking at least once.

Herbal Tea Basket, $13.95 – People should drink tea more so I would gift this to my friends to keep warm this Winter.

To Get

Herbivore Botanicals Blood Orange Lip Butter, $12 – I’d love to receive this because anybody that knows me understands my deep love for Blood Oranges.

ASOS Curve Shift Dress with Pu Panels, $63.52 – I’m in love with this dress, I’d love someone to get me this. I have so many ideas for it.

Eye of Horus Bangle Bracelet, $24- I’d love this as a gift because it brings back memories of my youth, I took a lot of classes on Ancient Egypt and I’m still in love with the history to this day.

  1. Eat.Style.Play says: December 4, 201310:36 AM

    I just reminded myself of some gifts that I’m getting my girls this year, everybody might get that tea set, that’s for sure! Thanks so much for including me on this round this holiday!

  2. Rocquelle P. says: December 4, 201310:40 AM

    Love the dress and jewelry!!! Great picks!

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 5, 201311:27 AM

      Thanks so much! I feel like I’ll be getting everything for myself though LOL

  3. J. Jehanne says: December 5, 201311:17 AM

    OHHHH I love Elle of Eat Style Play and yes her recipes are heavenly! I am still waiting to try the bacon waffles she featured!

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 5, 201311:26 AM

      Lord…lemme make you some on Saturday hahahahaha

      • L. says: December 5, 201312:42 PM

        You can include me in on that as well! ;)

        • Eat.Style.Play says: December 5, 201312:43 PM

          LOL I forgot I broke the waffle maker, maybe that Carbonara. 5 ingredients so I might give that a try.

    • L. says: December 5, 201312:42 PM

      OH YES! I almost forgot about the Bacon Waffle recipe. My goodness.. I need to pull that up STAT.

  4. Vivi N says: December 5, 201311:45 AM

    Yeah, Elle’s site is pretty darn good. She picked some great items for gifts. Especially the ASOS Curve dress and the jewelry initials necklace.

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 6, 20139:02 AM

      Thanks Vivy! Just don’t be shocked if you get one of these haha.

  5. Chef Demetra Overton says: December 5, 20132:36 PM

    So many great gift ideas! I’d love to get that Shift dress and those bacon chocolate chip cookies mmmMMM

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 6, 20139:02 AM

      Thanks Chef D! That shift dress needs to be mine, and Asos still has 30% off so I might get it now. Carnal Dish cookies are always sold out.

  6. Chasing Moe says: December 6, 20132:07 AM

    I need that dress. Really bad…I’m not sure where I will wear it, but I may find somewhere to go!

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 6, 20139:03 AM

      i’m really trying to stay away from asos but they still have 30% off.

      • D'Andhra says: December 17, 20132:26 PM

        Pppfff who do you think you’re fooling? Asos is like crack for fashion junkies.
        I throw myself in with there too. No shame in my abnormal obsession w/ Asos.

        • Eat.Style.Play says: December 17, 20132:32 PM

          Haha, yeah because I def got 2 orders when the 30% sale. I wish i could have gotten my other shoes with the 25% shoes.

          • D'Andhra says: December 17, 20133:07 PM

            exacty. ;)

  7. Miss Foodie Fab says: December 6, 20132:04 PM

    Dem bacon cookies, doh! *body rolls down blog post* I need to make some of those right ta now!

    • Eat.Style.Play says: December 17, 20132:32 PM

      Girl what!? If you do that! You better send me some!

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