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CurlBOX x Carol's Daughter For Target | Party Over Hair

March Box Offers curlBOX Subscribers First Peek of the Sacred Tiare Collection

For a very special March edition of curlBOX, the brand partnered with the iconic Carol’s Daughter brand to celebrate their new Sacred Tiare collection that will be available exclusively in Target. Subscribers to the coveted subscription service for women with curly hair will receive full-sized products and samples from the line which focuses on healing breakage and reducing frizz, courtesy of protein-rich Coprah Coconut Oil and moisturizing Tiare Gardenia extract. In this unique collaboration, curlBOX subscribers are the first to receive the products, ahead of their scheduled debut in all Target stores beginning March 30th.

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2013 Gift Guide ft. Elle of | Party Over Hair

We’re going to wrap up the 2013 Gift Guide with a good friend of mine, a natural hair, beauty and lifestyle blogger Elle from Right now her blogging is on a little hiatus as she works as the social media manager for hair companies. She’s a kickass vegan and the ‘brow whisperer’ (seriously, I love her brows) so it’s no wonder she shares some vegan or cruelty-free items for her Gift Guide.

To Gift

Sigma Mr. Bunny Essentials Kit, $155 / Mr. Bunny Travel Kit, $75
These brushes are the bomb! You get a perfectly flawless application they feel like lust on the skin, super plush and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Both kits come with a travel case that doubles as brush holder which by itself is valued at $25.

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Matte Lip Tars, $18 / Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 4 Set, $20
I absolutely love a matte lip and these lip tars from OCC is amazing! A little goes a long way and the color payoff is amazeballs. Oh, and they’re vegan + cruelty free. You win! If you’re interested in trying more Lip Tar, you can get 4 minis for $20 instead of paying $18 for one!

NutriBullet, $99
I’d love to gift the bullet because it has been such a lifesaver for me. It blends like a dream and makes you want to use it because it works so well. Its also affordable which I love. You can also use it for more than blending up smoothies. I’ve used it to make cookie dough, flour, everything its awesome the end.

To Get

Triple Threat Hair Kit (Pomegranate Guava), $57
When I hear the name Karen’s Body Beautiful I think luxury, from the ingredients to the packaging. You just know when you put these products in your hair that you are giving it the best treat money can buy and who doesn’t love a treat every now and again?

Whole Foods, Price Varies
I’m a foodie! And nothing excites me more than getting something that will help contribute to my love of food. Gift cards are great in general, but give me food and you can have me for life.


2013 Gift Guide ft. Natasha of | Party Over Hair

Christmas is two days away, and ironically enough today I share the last two Gift Guides for the 2013 #POHGiftGuide. This year I was able to get a majority of my shopping done, but I’m sure I’m still going to be out there with the last-minute shoppers getting last-minute gifts. Today, lovely & stylish Natasha of shares a few great ideas for some last-minute gift purchases, showing some love to black-owned businesses. Mane Moves TV is the ultimate online insider’s guide to all things natural hair that features in-depth styling tutorials, online interviews, dynamic original programming and comprehensive coverage of natural hair events around the country. Aside from awesome videos, she is able to do some amazing styles that will definitely have you inspired — so if you’re not following her on Instagram, be sure to do so.

To Gift

Whole Foods Gift Card, Price Varies
Gift cards are great and if you or your loved one likes to eat as much as I do why not give the gift of healthy food! You can pretty much give a gift card for almost anything so get as creative as you want… and as generous!

Karen’s Body Beautiful Triple Set! Gift Set, $57
What could be a more thoughtful gift than to give someone hair products! The Triple Threat Gift Set contains the best selling products from the KBB line including the Sweet Ambrosia Leave In, the Super Duper Hydrating Cream and the Luscious Locks Hair Mask. Get ready to indulge your tresses with this all natural ingredients line that will keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

Community2Community Online Donation
Tis better to give than to receive, correct? That’s what the holiday season is all about. But really we should be practicing this principle all year round as there are those who are less fortunate than us. C2C is an organization that I’m familiar with that is actually doing great things in my parent’s country, Haiti, West Indies. Give to their efforts and lets help build a better country.

Michael Kors Parfume Gift Set, $38
This trio of eau de perfumes from Michael Kors is the perfect way to keep you smelling sweet and irresistible! Perfume is the perfect gift to give during the holidays.

Sephora Collection Nail Blockbuster, Sold Out
If you’re into nail art as much as I am this is a great gift! This collection is a must-have nail palette featuring 10 vivid polishes including a multi color top coat, jewels and tutorials! The nail design possibilities are endless! And for my fellow Brooklynites you won’t have to go far with the opening of the new Sephora store in Brooklyn Heights!

5 Piece Marsha’s Makeovers Signature Brush Set, $75
For those makeup junkies out there you know a great makeup job is only as good as the tools used! This signature brush set comes with a foundation/concealer brush, angled liner/brow brush, lip brush, powder/blush brush and eyeshadow/blend brush. These multipurpose, hand made brushes are created by fabulous makeup artist, Marsha Page!

Strawberry Coco Lips by Marie Deneen, $20
Its imperative that we ladies keep our pout smooth and supple especially in the winter when the weather is cold and the atmosphere is dry! This cocoa butter based lip balm goes on sheer with a hint of pink! Its the best of both worlds!

To Get

RachelStewart Natural Dwennemmin Set, $55
I’ve been eyeing that ‘Natural’ necklace and those earrings for a while now…LOVE! And now they’re in a set…it doesn’t get better than that!! I love the natural look of the wood (pun intended…lol) The black set is pretty cool too!

iPhone 5S, $200 w. 2-yr contract
There isn’t enough I can say about Apple and their products! If you never owned an Apple product you’re missing out on some technological genius! Not only is the new iPhone 5S sexy (it is very sexy!) with its new muted jewel tones, it has all of the great features that sets iPhone from the rest. Apple believes in smart design along with superior functionality… they revolutionized the cell phone so I say to always stick to the best!


2013 Gift Guide ft. Shay Lynn of | Party Over Hair

Happy Monday! Christmas is getting closer & closer. Have you done all your shopping? Better yet, have you even started? Whether you’re almost done or waiting to get started, I’m kicking off the week with another awesome Gift Guide. If you’ve been following, you’ll be familiar with Shay Lynn of as she would occasionally share her awesome taste in fashion with us here on the blog. Today she’s going to share some of the things on her To Gift & To Get List!

To Gift

Carol’s Daughter Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit, $40
These days the only hair products I use are during the washing/conditioning process. I’m pretty much done with gels and creams as I hate build up and having to wash more hair more often. It also weighs my hair down which I loathe. Although I’m not technically transitioning, my interest was piqued by Carol’s Daughter Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit. It claims to prevent build up, shedding and breaking which is perfect for anyone during any stage. I love the fact that it pays special attention to the scalp as a clear scalp is really great for promoting hair growth. Also the “kit” style packaging just makes it a cute gift idea!

To Get

Bobbi’s Skincare Favorites Set, $104
Keeping in the spirit of kits, I would love the Bobbi’s Skincare Favorites Set from Bobbi Brown. I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to get matched for foundation and my face loved the skincare products the makeup artist used beforehand. I am most looking forward to trying the hydrating eye cream. Black isn’t supposed to crack but a little assistance never hurt anyone!

Maybeline’s Color Elixir by ColorSensational, $8.99
I’m a sucker for a great stocking suffer! My mom always spoiled me with the best stockings. In order to fill someone’s stocking you have to know about all “the little things” that make them happy. Lately I’ve really been into building on my lip collection. While I have shied away from lipgloss (the older I get, the more I adore matte lip color) I recently discovered the perfect gloss. Maybeline’s Color Elixir by ColorSensational is amaaazing! Awesome vibrant colors, smooth texture, and lasting wear. So I’d love a few more tubes for the holidays. I have my eyes on Caviar Couture, Amethyst Potion, and Intoxicating Spice. While there are some softer options, I feel these deep pigments will play well with winter white fashion. Just imagine a bad cream suit paired with a deep purple lip… Yes!

HP Google Chromebook 11, $279
I always like to have a gadget on my wish list. These are gifts that you continue to use even after you’ve turned that body wash and candle gift basket into a bathroom decoration! I’m really interested in HP’s new Google Chromebook 11. The style is reminiscent of the older white MacBook, which is not very original but does give me that tingly feeling I got from my first laptop! I’m a huge fan of Google’s apps because I can access them (and all my work & settings) no matter what computer I’m using. So this cute and simple to use device would be perfect for some of the small tasks I have on the go each day.

Curl Easy Pro Brush by Newave, $5.99 at Sally’s
I really admire women who are into the pinup girl, rockabiliy and burlesque cultures. Their unique but similar styles really have me hooked. One hair style I would love to try is victory rolls. The issue is trying to refrain from putting too much product in my hair (something I’m trying for growth) so the curling iron + hair spray combo is not very attractive to me. I read a tip online that stated using the Curl Easy Pro Brush by Newave is a great way to achieve victory rolls without the extra hassle. So I would love a few of these funky looking brushes to try out some great pin up styles. They run so cheap that even if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t feel shorted. Plus, their actual use is for blow outs so I’m sure I could make good eventually!

Kate Spade Cedar Street Animal Maise, SALE $208
I love everything about Kate Spade. Whether you need something fun, romantic or business chic, Kate Spade has it. I even saw Kate Spade flatware in Macy’s (but I’ll save that for when I’m married or something..). Any who, my wish list includes the Cedar Street Animal Maise. This bag has the elements I adore; a great print, cross body strap, and a fun inner lining. Hopefully I’m on the nice list and this beautiful bag will be waiting under the tree for me!


InstaStyle: Protecting Those End - Natural Hairstyle Inspiration | Party Over Hair

TGIF! I’ve been sitting on this series idea for the longest. With the Holidays here I figured ladies have already been seeking some natural hairstyle inspiration for their Christmas & New Years Eve ‘dos. So I present to you the InstaStyle series that will be posted up every Friday. Each week I’ll grab some of the hottest styles you ladies are posting on Instagram & give them some shine over here on the blog. Some weeks I’ll find similar themes, some weeks it’ll just be pure hairstyle inspiration.

If you consider yourself a Master Stylist and would want to be featured on InstaStyle, please feel free to submit any of your cute natural hairstyle photos using the hashtag #POHInstaStyle on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram, that’s fine — just submit your gorgeous hairstyles to the Tumblr page instead! This week I found some beautiful styles that will keep those ends protected during these colder months. If you know the lovely lady without the Instagram tag, please shout her out.